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AC Schnitzer gives BMW 1 Series diesel the police package treatment

AC Schnitzer BMW 123d police package - click above for high-res image gallery

Essen 2009: AC Schnitzer gives BMW 123d the police package treatment [w/VIDEO]

AC Schnitzer BMW 123d Tune It Safe! police concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

In the AutoblogGreen Garage: 2008 BMW 123d 3-door hatchback

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There's a BMW 123d running around in Michigan

BMW finally launched the 1-series here in the U.S. recently after selling the smallest BMW-badged vehicle in Europe for several years. Unfortunately, since the commercial failure of the 318ti a few years back, they've come to the conclusion that Americans just don't want Bimmers with fewer than 6 cylinders. As a result, the 1-series ended coming here with the same 6 cylinder options available in the slightly larger 3-series. That means no 4 cylinder engines of either gasoline or diesel varieties

BMW 123d hanging out in Michigan

Imagine, if you will, a compact rear-wheel-drive hatchback that runs from 0-62mph in a very respectable 6.9 seconds. Not too shabby. Now imagine that this same car could average 45 mpg (US)! Not possible, you say? Au contraire! In other parts of the world where they don't just use gasoline to power cars, this is not an unheard-of possibility. One shining example is the BMW 123d, which was launched in Europe last year. Powered by a twin-turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder diesel cranking out 204hp an

BMW twin-turbo 2.0L diesel wins Best New Engine of 2008

Another of the honorees in this year's International Engine of the Year competition is BMW's latest diesel engine. The dual turbo 2.0L four cylinder that debuted in the 123d this year was selected by the 65 member jury as the Best New Engine for 2008. This new engine provides exceptional power for a 2.0L diesel and excellent fuel economy. The 123d is rated at 204hp while achieving 45mpg on the EU driving cycle and emitting only 138g/km of CO2. The engine uses a pair of turbochargers o

BMW 1-series coupe M-sport package for Euro-only diesels

Buyers abroad who've opted to equip their BMW 1-series coupe with diesel power now have the option to smack down a few euros on the table for some M-sport kit. The 120d and 123d models can now pack the same visual punch as the 135i, complete with M-specific 17-inch alloys wrapped in 205/50 rubber in the front and 225/45 gumballs in the rear. The package also includes new front and rear fascias, and naturally, there's plenty M-badging to differentiate it from its more sedate siblings. The cost fo

BMW 123d: More than 200 HP and less than 140 CO2 g/km

BMW is satisfied about its efforts in reducing emissions. Europe's press has been flooded with ads that praise the diesels coming from Munich. What are they about? Oh, only the first car with more than 200 HP that promises CO2 emissions under 140 g/km.