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The dream of having an American team in Formula One may be dead, but that doesn't mean our friends South of the Border can't take a stab at it. A couple of years ago, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim was tied to potentially buying out Honda's F1 team when the Japanese automaker was preparing to withdraw from the sport. That deal never came to be, but the world's wealthiest man (having recently surpassed the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett) appears to be moving in on the Sauber team.

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The costs of competing in Formula One and trying to develop alternative power trains for its future production vehicles are proving to be too much for BMW. The German automaker has announced its intention to follow Honda and quit Formula One at the end of the current season. BMW has never said publicly how much it spends on its F1 involvement, but it is likely several hundred million dollars annually.

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One of the primary safety concerns with hybrid and electric cars (aside from thermal runaway of the batteries of course) is the potential for shocks with a high voltage battery on board. Formula One teams are currently developing kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS) which provide hybrid drive capability for introduction in the 2009 season. Most are thought to be working with a flywheel based system but BMW-Sauber at least is rumored to be developing an electric hybrid. Several teams have had i

The FIA has gone ahead and banned BMW-Sauber's controversial vertical nose fins that first appeared on the team's F1 car two weekends ago at Magny-Cours for the French Grand Prix. The team claims that the vertical wings, nicknamed the "Twin Towers" after the Petronas Towers – the world's tallest buildings – in Malaysia, aid downforce at the front of the car, but the FIA cited safety concerns for their decision to toss them from the track. The governing body claimed the wings could im

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