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CLP Automotive gives your BMW M3 race-ready looks

Modifying a high-performance vehicle like the BMW M3 is a tricky feat. With all the engineering prowess of one of the world's most successful manufacturers behind every nut and bolt on the car, tweaking the recipe can easily lead to diminished performance. Even so, CLP Automotive has turned out a new widebody kit for the M3 Coupe that the aftermarket company is calling the M3 GT. According to our trusty Google Translator, the total package includes a

Rumormill: BMW to replace M3 sedan with M3 Gran Turismo?!

Allow us to start by saying that we love high-performance hatchbacks and wagons as much as the next auto-obsessed goon. Heck, we still go all gooey-kneed when we lay eyes on a Lexus IS300 SportCross, but the rumors dusting up over the next-generation M3 have us a little uneasy. According to Inside Line and M3Post, BMW may be looking t

BMW M3 GTS unveiled!

BMW M3 GTS – Click above for high-res image gallery