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Alcantara's one-off BMW i8 Roadster LimeLight is aptly named

Sure to make your day brighter, whether you want it to or not

This BMW i8 Roadster is the new Formula E Safety Car

BMW says it's the world's first open-top safety car

BMW says it's the world's first open-top safety car.

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BMW is ready for our inevitable EV future  

Is "rolling lithium" a thing, yet?

"We are seeing growing interest from customers to bring electrification to the heart of the brand."

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2019 BMW i8 Roadster revealed: More power, more range, more sun

The i8 Coupe is also updated for 2019.

People like their sports cars without roofs. This should do the trick.

BMW teases the i8 Roadster yet again on twisty mountain roads

Still no launch date, though.

Can you please just show us the car, BMW?

BMW i8 Roadster headed for production in 2018

Stop us if you've heard this one before.

Expect a refreshed i8 with a boost in horsepower and electric range.

New BMW i8 expected late next year

Mid-life facelift will bring powertrain updates

The i8 is expected to have more than 400 horsepower after a mid-cycle facelift.

BMW strategy gets green with future i8 Roadster, PHEV Mini

BMW is planning a self-driving EV called the iNext for the early 2020s.

BMW will produce an autonomous EV called the iNext early next decade, and it will grow its green vehicle lineup, too, including finally adding the i8 Roadster.

BMW i8 Roadster named Best Production Preview Vehicle

The BMW i8 Roadster, which was first unveiled about 15 months ago, has won the award for North America's Best Production Preview Vehicle, which honors those models caught in the netherworld between concept and public-sales debut. The place where you can win best concept multiple years in a row.