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BMW iNext EV to get 435 miles of range, goes on sale in 2021

The electric crossover will also get self-driving technology.

We haven't seen a production version.

BMW's i Vision Dynamics Concept shows a 2020s four-door electric saloon

The 2021 i5 should look something like this.

At Frankfurt, BMW offers a look into its mid-size future.

BMW i5 electric sedan could be previewed at Frankfurt

EV said to be one of four electric BMWs at the show, would launch in 2021

It could have a range of up to 435 miles.

BMW electric crossover will have level 3 autonomy

The i5 – or, rather, iNext – isn't dead.

Hands-off, eyes-off driving comes to BMW in 2021.

(UPDATE) BMW simplifying lineup to pay for more EVs like electric 3 Series

Simplify, as in, fewer manual transmissions and steering wheels.

Expect fewer manual transmission BMWs in the future.

Rumors suggest BMW has killed the mid-size i5 EV

A new, flexible platform will take the place of the i5.

Recharge Wrap-up: BMW chooses SUV for i5? Toyota finally embraces li-ion

EU could make EV charging points mandatory in new and refurbished homes.

Advances in Toyota's lithium-ion technology will enable all-electric vehicles. Sources say BMW has chosen SUV body style for the i5. EU rules would require EV chargers in new homes.

BMW plans i5 as a useful EV for families

BMW wants to go more mainstream with the i5, creating an EV for the whole family. Like the i3, a range extender would be optional.

BMW iPerformance plug-in hybrids coming in July

The first one will be the BMW 740e iPerformance.

BMW will introduce a new brand of plug-in vehicles in July, the iPerformance line. These will be core BMW models that have Project i PHEV technology inside.

BMW i5 returns as next rumored i Project vehicle

German Automaker May Also Expand Collaboration With Toyota

Bimmer's next i brand car could be a hydrogen fuel-cell 5 Series.

BMW could expand 'i' lineup

BMW CEO Harald Krueger talked about his company's electric-oriented sub-brand, and the chances of a third model, potentially the oft-rumored i5 sedan.

BMW i5 could be a new kind of i PHEV

Autobild puts some numbers to the BMW i5, which it says will be based on the long-wheelbase 5 Series sold in China and have around 640 horsepower coming from a four-cylinder ICE and two electric motors. It's not a straight-up Tesla fighter, but it will stress electric power over ICE.

BMW will make plug-in hybrid versions of all models

Rumored i5, i7 Models Are Not Coming Soon

The CEO of BMW North America, Ludwig Willisch, says there will be plug-in hybrid versions of every new BMW model, but we will have to wait for any new i vehicles like the rumored i5 and i7.

BMW's plans for next plug-in i model, due after 2020

But Battery Improvements For New i3, i8 Models Coming

The next new vehicle to wear BMW's i prefix is not due until after 2020. In the meantime, we can expect battery updates for the i3 and i8 every three years.

BMW i5, i7 rumors surface again

We Keep Hearing How The German Automaker Will Take On Tesla

The next offering in BMW's i line is said to be based on the Chinese-market, long-wheelbase BMW 5 Series and be called either i5 or i7. Intel suggests a plug-in hybrid sedan with a range-extending four cylinder in front and two electric motors.

BMW i5 could get Toyota-sourced hydrogen power

It's starting to feel like the automotive landscape is right on the cusp of a boom in hydrogen-fueled vehicles. After all, the Toyota FCV is nearly ready, Volkswagen is readying a fuel cell concept for this week's Los Angeles Auto Show and Hyundai already <

BMW apparently still undecided about future i project electric vehicles

Coaches like to say that there's no "i" in team. At least one BMW executive is saying the company's not sure if there are any more "i"s in its near future. BMW executive Harald Krueger indicated that the German automaker is holding back on any i-project plans besides the i3 city car and i8 plug-in hybrid spo

BMW confirms limited i3 Electronaut Edition, says i5* is in development [UPDATE]

Jacob Harb, head of electric vehicle operations and strategy for BMW, is excited these days. He's got a lot to sort out as the company's first large-scale production electric vehicle, the i3. Extending Electronaut leases, arranging tens of thousands of EV test drives and making sure there will be enough of the little city cars in the US when customer deliveries will start in M

BMW planning to stretch i3 into i5 family hauler?

If you're sweet on the new BMW i3 but wish it had more space to carry people and stuff, we've got good news for you. According to Autocar, BMW is planning on stretching the platform that underpins the i3 to create a new model, expected to be called i5.

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