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Rumormill: BMW working on range of front-wheel-drive concepts

When BMW began making noise about bringing front-wheel drive to the table, purists, enthusiasts and fans of the brand immediately busted out the pitchforks and torches. Visions of front-wheel drive 3 Series and 1 Series models were almost enough to in

BMW, Mercedes-Benz prep for compact attack on U.S.; 6 vehicles coming by 2012

Are you ready for an onslaught of compact cars from the German duo of BMW and Mercedes-Benz? Hopefully, yes, since no fewer than six new compacts from the German pair are headed our way by the end of 2012. BMW will introduce a front-wheel-drive family of cars from its UKL segment (a German

Rendered Speculation: 2013 BMW sub-1 Series hatch with front-wheel drive

BMW executives have been talking openly about adding a front-wheel drive model to the range and the first example are due to arrive in 2013. A new model to slot in below the 1 series is expected to share its platform with the next generation Mini, while the 1 series is expected to continue with rear-wheel drive and be available in both the current

Rendered speculation: 2013 BMW sub-1 series hatch with front-wheel-drive

Recently, BMW executives have been talking openly about adding front-wheel-drive models to the range with the first examples coming in 2013. A new model, which will slot in below the 1 series, could be FWD and is expected to share its platform with the next-generation Sam Abuelsamid

Customer ignorance convinces BMW that front-drive is OK

It's not at all unusual for customers to not have any real understanding of what they are buying. After all, so many modern products have such a plethora of features that most of them never get used. Then there are cars. Even many engineers don't know how everything on a new car works, so it's not surprising that car buyers don't. For example, take which wheels are being driven. The reality is that even the tamest of modern cars have handling limits well beyond what most drivers ever utilize.