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Lending further credence to rumors that BMW will be launching a new engine line that will feature three and four cylinders and comparatively small displacements is a report from Channel 4 in the UK that quotes BMW chief engineer Holger Winkelmann as saying the German automaker will soon launch the "most advanced small engine range ever."

BMW's North American CEO, Jim O'Donnel has ended the rumors of a new BMW four-cylinder engine option. It's true. And it sounds great. Not only will the new turbocharged engine outperform the current inline-six, it will get better fuel mileage and produce fewer emissions. Perfect! When is it coming? Could be soon for Europe. The United States, though, reportedly won't learn its fate until the upcoming Presidential election is complete. Um, sorry... what?

For the past several years, BMW hasn't sold any vehicles in the United States with fewer than six cylinders. With BMW scaling back production of V8 and inline six engines, is the time approaching when four-cylinder Bimmers will return to our shores? Inside Line definitely seems to think the four banger will be back soon, probably in the 3-series and 1-series. The European spec 120i and 320i both use a normally aspirated, direct injected 2.0L that produces 167 hp and pushes a 320i from 0-62 mph i