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BMW's second installment of Wherever You Want To Go opens up with a question we've all asked: Why are there still no flying cars? But rather than tackle the safety, mechanical and infrastructure questions, BMW takes a bird's eye view of how transportation technology has – and hasn't – evolved since the Wright Brothers' first flight. While the six-minute short tackles a range of topics, there's far less meat than one would hope. Thankfully, futurist and conceptual designer Syd Mead (h

To point out the obvious, BMW is in the mobility business. And for almost 100 years, that means it's limited itself to cars, crossovers and motorcycles. However, that doesn't mean the Bavarians aren't exploring other avenues, so in a bid to shine light on what will be shuttling us around in the decades to come, BMW has produced a documentary entitled "Wherever You Want To Go: Four Films about the Future of Mobility."