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We've got a few more details and renderings of that electric two-wheeled tsunami with tons of torque we told you about yesterday and, as promised, we bring them straight to you. The BlueShift Motorcycle Co. was kind enough to fork over a couple more renderings of their upcoming bike in different colors as well as one that shows their beast from a few different angles. We think it looks pretty speedy from any point of view and we're told that it will hit 60 mph from a standstill in 3 seconds. Of

In the past, when "blue shift" came up in conversations, it was usually a reference to the shortening of an object's wavelength as it moved towards you due to the Doppler effect. These discussions often led to eyes glazing and mouths yawning. No more. If the ambitions of the BlueShift Motorcycle Company are realized, the term may well become synonymous with the blur associated with a certain electric motorbike as it takes advantage of its 200 lb ft of torque. Yes, 200. If you're not sure whether