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As you may recall, Mercedes' performance division, AMG, recently put up the white flag on the speed wars. This basically means that they are now looking for more efficiency rather than more brute horsepower. Their previous focus on power came at the expense of fuel economy, natürlich. How will the efficiency shift play out? AMG is welcoming direct injection and Stop & Start (micro hybrid) systems, which will be installed in all 2010 models, two years earlier than expected. The new piezo

As announced for the A and B-series, Mercedes is naming its environmental line Blue Efficiency. MB's compact sedans, the C-Series, will now get the Blue Efficiency treatment. They will be offered with two engine versions, the C180 Kompressor (gasoline) and the C200 CDI (diesel). Both versions are about €500 cheaper than the previous base versions, at €30,613 and €32,516 respectively (in Germany).