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Report: GM forced Saab to pay for Cadillac BLS development

Way back in 2005, General Motors decided it needed a small four-door sedan in order for Cadillac to compete in Europe. The end result? The Cadillac BLS. The car was little more than seriously restyled Saab 9-3 (itself an already aging model), and since most Europeans are neither blind nor ignorant, the car didn't fare well in a market lo

Rendered Speculation: Cadillac BLS Convertible

It's been widely reported that execs at GM, including Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, are keen to expand Cadillac's lineup with several new exciting models. Gone are the days of the emphasis on luxo barges, replaced instead with a focus on smaller and more dynamic cars like the new CTS and, to a lesser extent, the Europe-only BLS. Most are predicting Cadillac will eventually launch new coupe and convertible versions of the CTS, but what if there was a new cabrio version of the entry-level BLS?

Frankfurt 2007: Cadillac BLS Wagon has got back

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Frankfurt Motor Show: Cadillac BLS wagon is coming

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Cadillac will build small crossover, maybe import BLS by 2009

What the automotive press unanimously agrees upon is that Cadillac will be building a small crossover by 2009. Inside Line reports that the soft-roader, referred to as the BRX, will be based on the Theta platform underpinning the Chevy Equinox and feature a four-cylinder engine and sub-$30k price tag. Automotive News, however, reports that the BLX will mix Theta and Epsilon 2 architectures so that the BLX can accommodate a larger V6 up front. We'd go with Automotive News on this one as we find i

Saab confirms 9-4X CUV to replace 9-7X SUV

Saab U.S.A.'s General Manager Jay Spenchian told Ward's Auto that a Saab CUV, reported by nearly all members of the press to be called the 9-4X, will replace the Chevy Trailblazer-based 9-7X SUV after the end of the decade. The Trailblazer is expected to be discontinued by 2010 and Spenchian said that the introduction of a Saab CUV would likely overlap a bit with the 9-7X.

First Cadillac turbo diesel, but only for Europe

We can add one more fuel saving vehicle to the list of the ones the U.S. won't see in a showroom near you anytime soon. The Cadillac BLS, produced at GM's Saab headquarters in Sweden on the Saab 9-3 platform, is a European-only Caddy positioned to compete in the mid-sized, luxury-car segment. The BLS is offered with a range of engines with displacements from 1.9 to 2.8-liters and maximum horsepower varying from 150 to 255. The Cadillac BLS with the 1.9-liter direct-injected, turbocharged diesel

Cadillac BLS a bust in Europe?

Despite lowering expectations for its Euro-only BLS sedan all the way down to around 7,000 to 10,000 units annually, it appears Cadillac was still a bit too optimistic with the car's chances for success in the old country. The FWD sedan that's based on the Saab 9-3 and built alongside the Swede in the company's Trollhatan factory has sold a little over 400 units after being on sale since April

BLS set for sale in Europe - Caddy lowers expectations

The Cadillac BLS represents many innovations for GM’s luxury brand. It’s not only the first Cadillac designed and built in Europe, but it will also be the first Cadillac available with a diesel engine. Based on the Saab 9-3, Cadillac expects the FWD BLS to make up around 70-percent of its European sales, according to the Detroit News. That may sound like a lot, though Cadillac has ju