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With BMW readying a refreshed X1 crossover for the U.S. this fall, Mercedes-Benz is looking to play Burger King to the Bavarian automaker's McDonald's, launching its own kiddie-sized crossover next year. According to Car, the new model, formerly known as BLK, is now called GLA, thanks to the marque's new nomenclature.

To hear some people talk, you'd be forgiven for thinking BMW's 1-Series has already won the compact luxury segment and retired to the hearth with a glass of celebratory Riesling. And it hasn't even come to America yet. In spite of the 1's much hyped and much anticipated arrival, it will still have to earn its place by taking on challengers. Mercedes' entrant is called the BLK, based on the C-Class and offered in three body styles: coupe, hatch, and convertible. While the moniker makes sense with