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Young black man fatally shot by police after car breaks down

The family of a black drummer killed by a plainclothes officer is demanding answers after he was fatally shot when his car broke down in affluent Palm Beach Gardens.

Driving while black? app developers offer advice

A Justice Department report released last year suggests blacks are more likely than whites to be pulled over and have their cars searched

Though the developers of the soon-to-be released "Driving While Black" smartphone application want motorists to download their product, there is a time when they definitely don't want users searching for it.

Porsche Design takes its P'9522 to the matte with new Black Edition

You didn't think Porsche would let Mercedes-Benz AMG (or much less, Dacia) monopolize the use of the color black, now did you? Of course not. So while everyone else is going for blinged-out shiny this and sparkling that, Porsche Design has re-released its cutting-edge P'9522 mobile phone all in black.

Americans like White, the world likes Silver in new Color Popularity Report

DuPont has released its annual Color Popularity Report, and for the first time has converged data from across the globe to create a worldwide report on how we, as a species, prefer our cars to be colored. OK, maybe that's a bit hyperbolic, but the new worldwide report confirms that Black, Silver and White reign supreme regardless of borders. The three colors are tightly packed in North America, where White is most popular at 17.8 percent with Black (17 percent) and Silver (16.8 percent) not far

SEMA Preview: Chevrolet Camaro "Black"

Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Black

GM unveils Corvette S-Limited for Japan

Click above image for a gallery of the Corvette S-Limited

RR of the Day: Darth Subie

Flickr member Lostangel's late model Subaru WRX STi was the personal whip of a Sith Lord in another life. Either that, or it has just returned from an audition for the role of K.I.T.T. in the upcoming Knight Rider movie. Seriously though, Lostangel has completely changed the demeanor of the affable WRX into something much more sinister. Up front he swapped the front clip with a JDM STi front end, then he removed the "shopping cart" rear wing and replaced the trunk with one made of carbon fiber.

Spy Video: Mercedes CLK AMG Black Series at the Nrburgring

Mercedes' in-house performance division AMG is working on a new CLK on 'roids, slotting in between the CLK63 and the homologation special CLK DTM. Called the Black Series, it is expected to be the first in a new line of über-AMGs.