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Now we're getting somewhere. And by "we" I mean BioTown, USA (Reynolds, Indiana). While last year we had stories about how this small town in Indiana is trying to grow and make all of its own energy but still didn't have any ethanol pumps (so all the flexible-fuel vehicles in the town were cruising on gasoline), now we can report that the town can soon check off making ethanol from their To Do list.

Do we have any readers representing BioTown, USA, AKA Reynolds, Indiana? This tiny town (population ~550) is trying to become energy self-sufficient and is using biofuels and biomass-generated electricity to get there. We've written about this project before (links below) and now that the next phase - called, um, Phase II - of the project has broken ground.

Looks like that one biodiesel pump in Reynolds, Indiana (also known as BioTown, USA) is finally up and running. This weekend, members of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and their alternative fuel-powered tour buses stopped in Reynolds while traveling from tour stops in Indianapolis to Chicago. The group wanted to promote the town's biofuel message. The buses filled up on B20 at the new pump and had a Graham Nash had a bite to eat in the USA Restaurant. David Crosby said he supports biofuels. "I