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It's unfortunate that the 2006 Southeastern Biodiesel Conference is starting today at the University of Georgia in Athens, since I'm currently up in Michigan and cannot report on the event directly. I'll keep looking online for news, and perhaps I'll be able to speak to some of the participants later in the week. For now, I just wanted to mention that the conference is geared towards folks who want to brew biodiesel in the backyard as well as mega-producers. Speakers will present sessions on the

Athens, Georgia is arguably best known for its music scene and the University of Georgia football team. Thankfully, there’s plenty going on that isn’t as well known, including an alternative fuel group. The Athens Alternative Fuel Coalition, which this author profiled last fall in the local newspaper, the Flagpole, works to promote both biodiesel and ethanol in the town. Some members of the group make their own biodiesel, and one member has gone so far as to get the license he needed