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EPA finalizes biofuel rules, says corn ethanol beats gasoline in GHG emissions

Yesterday, the Obama Administration announced new biofuel rules for a Renewable Fuels Standard (aka RFS2) and there's a lot for ethanol producers to love in there.

White House, EPA move forward on biofuel promotion and rules

The U.S. biofuel industry gets a potential boost and some new rules from the federal government this week.

GM makes the case for testing E15 ethanol blend

GM has long been a proponent of using high-level ethanol blend, E85, in motor vehicles. But, with all of the talk of putting E15 or E20 (gasoline with 15 or 20 percent ethanol blended in) into the national supply - see these earlier posts about the EPA, the Sebastian Blanco

Insert corny title here: U.S. may not meet 2022 biofuels mandate

Baring a major breakthrough in cellulosic ethanol technology, the US Energy Information Administration doesn't think there's any way that the United States will meet its self-imposed Renewable Fuels Standard. The mandate in its current form would require that 36 billion gallons of ethanol be blended into conventional petroleum-based gasoline in America by 2022. Current estimates in

British Ministry of Transport to take a "cautious approach" about biofuels

The British Government is quite concerned about the social and environmental impacts of biofuels. The Minister of Transport, Andrew Adonis, has announced plans to not be in quite such a hurry regarding the implementation of biofuels. The UK's Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO), the mandatory amount of biofuels sold at the pump, had been expected to reach five percent in 2010-11. Instead, this limit is now set back to 2013-14 - still aiming for the European target of 10 percent by 2020. T

Spain implements first mandatory biofuel quota

As you might remember, the EU wants all state members to use 10 percent of biofuels by 2020 at pumps. The way this policy gets implemented is left up to the will of each country, either by mandatory blends or sales quotas. Such is the case of Spain, which has just started to make biofuel blends/quotas a real thing. The idea is that Spanish gas stations should supply 1.9 percent biofuels at pum

Biofuels might cost the EU up to $95 billion by 2020

An internal draft from the European Commission states that the EU plans for a mandatory 10 percent blend of biofuels in 2020 is going to cost Europeans quite a lot of money: 65 billion euros (about $95 billion). The draft estimates costs from 2007 to 2020 and was made by the Joint Research Centre (JRC).

The EU reduces subsidies for biofuel crops

The EU's Direct Payments Management Committee has listened to the European Commission and is cutting subsidies for biofuel crops. These subsidies were created to support these crops as long as they didn't reach 2 million Ha. This figure will be exceeded before the year is out.