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Mazda has been working on fibers made from plant sources and destined for car interiors for a while now. Back in early September, Mazda announced it was working on such a biofabric with Teijin Ltd and Teijin Fibers Ltd. This new biotech material was then shown at the Tokyo Motor Show as part of the seat covers and door trim in the Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid. Mazda is pleased with the material's ability to resist abrasion and sun damage and apparently sees a future for these sorts of fabrics; th

Honda recently announced that it has found a way to make fabric for car interiors that meets all the needs of a modern car but is made from plant fibers. The fabric is not totally "green", as the polyester material (PPT, polypropylene terephthalate) in the fabric is made from 1-3PDO (propanediol, which is produced from corn) and terephthalic acid, a petroleum-based component, according to Honda's press release.