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Dartmouth students tour country in biodiesel-powered "Big Green Bus"

Students at Dartmouth College, along with a handful of recent grads, are spending the entire summer touring the country in their converted, biodiesel-powered 1989 MCI coach appropriately named the "Big Green Bus." The students hope their cross-country trip will help spread the word about the advantages of choosing green technologies such as biodiesel. They describe the trip as a "science fair on wheels" and, given the bus' assortment of high-tech gadgetry – including four solar panels, ten

Biodiesel production shoots up 16% in European Union, output reaches 9M tons

From 2008 to 2009, biodiesel production in the European Union (EU) jumped 16.6 percent, bringing total output up to nine million tons, according to data released by the European Biodiesel Board (EBB). The increased production further cements the EU's position as the worldwide leader in biodiesel production. Though a 16.6 percent increase in biodiesel production is substantial, it is dwarfed by the swelling increases witnessed in year's past. The EU's year-over-over increases in biodiesel product

Toyota-Hino-Shell partner on biodiesel hybrid bus trial

Toyota Motor Corporation has teamed up with Hino Motors Ltd. and Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. to test out a biodiesel formulation on the Hino Blue Ribbon City Hybrid

Bloom is off the biodiesel rose: Berkeley says "no" to soy biofuel

Often in the lead in progressive causes, the City of Berkeley started using biodiesel in more than 100 city vehicles six years ago. For a while, the biofuel came from recycled waste grease and everyone was happy. The source shifted to crop soybeans when not enough grease could be found but, due to new concerns about growing crops for fuel, the city has now decided that enough is enough. The City Council took delivery of its last shipment of biodiesel made from soy last month and will discuss for

School buses in Minnesota were not stalled because of biodiesel

Photo by Kevindooley. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

School kids get day off as cold weather clogs biodiesel in busses

School buses in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and St. Louis were sidelined Monday when the biodiesel may have clogged up fuel lines. About 25 percent of the buses in Fort Wayne area were affected. Officials say they run on B20, which is a mix of 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent premium diesel fuel. The problems may not be entirely the fault of biodiesel. Officials also said some buses that run on 100 percent diesel fuel in

100,000-mile B20 bus road tests: biodiesel increases operating costs slightly, reduces emissions

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has completed testing of diesel and biodiesel on nine buses in a Boulder, Colorado project. The buses each racked up over 100,000 miles along the 16-mile "Skip" route in the city. Five buses ran on B20, the other four on standard petroleum diesel. NREL used standard 2000 model year Orion V buses with Cummins ISM engines that got about 4.41 mpg on the route using either diesel or biodiesel (laboratory testing had suggested a two percent drop in fuel econom

UK government suggests to community groups that Every Action Counts

My favorite government greener living tip is still the top item in the Australian Government's Green Vehicle Guide: "Minimise [sic] your vehicle use". The government in the UK launched a new program yesterday with some just-as-simple tips for community groups to get in on the green act. The new program is part of the "Every Action Counts" initiative started in June of this year, which i