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Back in 2006, the Baltimore Biodiesel LLC announced it would build a biodiesel plant in Princess Anne, Maryland. Things moved forward, the plant opened in November 2007, and we didn't hear much about this plant until an explosion there killed one and injured another earlier this month. Now, local residents are kind of peeved about what the plant has brought to the community. They expressed their outrage during a special community meeting of the Princess Anne Town Commissioners yesterday and said

Two men became trapped in a railroad tanker car at a biodiesel plant in St. Joseph, Missouri yesterday. One of them, Ryley Pearl, 23, of Savannah, MO was killed and the other, whose name has not been released, was taken to Heartland Regional Medical Center and pronounced in in "satisfactory condition." The plant belongs to Northwest Biodiesel and was the first biofuel plant in St. Joseph. It bega production in early 2007. The Associated Press reports that no one is quite sure how the men got tr