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OMG, Chelsea Sexton is so slumming with the biofuel folks! The staunch plug-in car supporter was in Santa Monica last week and participated in a eco-makeover courtesy of Elle Magazine and the publication's biodiesel-powered salon/bus. Ecorazzi's Anna Griffin was at the scene (that's her with the mic) and got the scoop on why one of the most prominent faces of today's EV movement - Sexton was a big part of Who Killed the Electric Car? and today works with Plug In America on electric vehicle issue

A fleet of biodiesel buses, 300 people, and Sean Penn will leave from the Coachella Festival in California today on Penn's Dirty Hands Caravan to New Orleans. The tour is not scheduled to arrive in New Orleans until May 4 and will stop at cities along the way for the activists on board the biodiesel buses to volunteer in various communities. In exchange for their service, caravan participants will have their food, water, transportation and campground accommodations paid for. Penn and other organ