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School buses in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and St. Louis were sidelined Monday when the biodiesel may have clogged up fuel lines. About 25 percent of the buses in Fort Wayne area were affected. Officials say they run on B20, which is a mix of 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent premium diesel fuel. The problems may not be entirely the fault of biodiesel. Officials also said some buses that run on 100 percent diesel fuel in other districts also failed.

Maria "Girl Mark" Alovert is a dedicated biodiesel advocate, and her biodiesel homebrew classes are certainly in demand. To help people help themselves, she recently started up a new Yahoo! group specifically for educators (at schools or museums or camps or wherever) who want more information on teaching biodiesel curriculum. The list is meant to be low-volume and designed to help teachers coordinate their projects and documentation.