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Jordan Meadows, who until last year served as the Design Manager at Mazda's North American Design Center after previously holding positions at Volkwagen, Chrysler, Jeep and Ford, has taken some time to design a cafe motorcycle concept with a green tint. Called the Metalback, this conceptual machine would use a V4 engine powered by biodiesel and would boast an outer skin made from recycled aluminum in order to save weight over steel.

Paul Carter, a best-selling author who previously spent 20 years as an off-shore oil driller, is smack dab in the middle of a 20,000-kilometer (12,240-mile) trip around Australia aboard a biodiesel-powered motorcycle built by students at the University of Adelaide. If Carter is successful, he plans to follow this trip up with a land-speed record attempt of 166 miles per hour aboard a second biodiesel-powered motorcycle.