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Metalback is a biodiesel-powered motorcycle concept with a Mazda connection

Jordan Meadows, who until last year served as the Design Manager at Mazda's North American Design Center after previously holding positions at Volkwagen, Chrysler, Jeep and Ford, ha

BioBike, a biodiesel motorcycle made in Australia, gets over 100 mpg

Here in the Unites States, riding motorcycles is more likely to be for pleasure than for practical purposes, but that is not the case in all areas of the world. A group from Australia is proving the worth of their biodiesel-powered motorcycle by showcasing in alongside other alternative-fueled vehicles taking part in special classes during the running of the World Solar Challenge. The bike, known as BioBike, uses a Yanmar 400c diesel engine running on bio

Enterprising DIY'ers create their own diesel and biodiesel powered cycles

There are many believers in alternative fuels these days, be it biodiesel, ethanol or butanol, who wish to share their knowledge and passion about the energy potential of renewables to the masses. One way that some choose to do this is by creating high-powered vehicles and attempting to set land speed records. We have seen it with the E85 Viper and now we see it with Jeremy Korzeniewski

Jay Leno straddles a biodiesel crotch rocket

There's so very little information about what's going on in this picture here, details of who's bike and where. Pretty much all that the poster Martin tells us is, "Hey mom, check me out with Jay Leno..." We can also figure out it's Leno and crew with a biodiesel motorcycle. There's an accompanying video, but it's 40 seconds of Jay revving up the bike, spewing some white smoke, and then 3 seconds of him driving