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Jay Leno's EcoJet - Click above to watch the video after the break

Sure, we've shown you plenty of jet engines powered by 100% biodiesel before, but one thing separates each of them from our latest find: they were all operated on the ground. An L-29 military aircraft powered solely by 100 percent biodiesel has now been successfully flown over Reno, Nevada. Biodiesel Solutions and Green Flight International collaborated on this project, which has as its goal to reduce the impact that jet travel has on the environment. Before the machine was taken into the air, e

As I wrote the other day, the USDA has been working on jet biodiesel since at least 2001. I contacted one of the Ph.Ds in charge of the research, Robert Dunn, asking about an update for AutoblogGreen readers (because we fly from time to time, right) and he sent back a nice, succinct response.