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Most roads are build and maintained using funds that governments collect from taxes on gasoline. So, what happens when you use alternative fuels, including some you make yourself? You might get a knock on the door from the Illinois Department of Revenue, asking for money. That's what happened to one biofuel-loving retired couple. Also, that 15-year-old in the UK who made his own biodiesel (see below) was hit with a per-liter tax, wasn't he? Techdirt lists a few other such cases, and their commen

So, all you want to do is take turkey byproducts and process them into fuel oil, but the smell keeps escaping and bothering the neighbors. This is the problem with a "powerful stench" that has been emanating from a biofuel plant in Missouri. The plant has been the source of odor complaints for months and was the subject of a deal between plant and state officials in May. The lawsuits ended then, but the smells did not. Renewable Environmental Solutions, the plant's operator, agreed to pay a $100