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In Salem, Oregon, you can now get biodiesel that's even better for the environment. The fuel is the same as it was a month ago, but the pump that puts the biofuel into the car is powered by a solar panel. Go Solar Suihkonen & Associates in South Salem recently donated the solar panel to the Flower Power Biodiesel Co-op. The man who built the structure that the solar panel sits on even used recycled materials in the construction. According to the Statesman Journal of Salem, the co-op is made

It is not just home brewers of biodiesel that are saving money when filling up their cars. Oregon’s largest biodiesel producer is now selling the fuel at prices two cents a gallon cheaper than regular low-sulfur diesel, Oregon Live reports. A few months ago, prices for biodiesel were 20 to 30 cents a gallon higher than regular diesel. Business seems to be booming, since the company sells out of biodiesel as fast as it can produce it. Farmers are getting an even better deal; they are gettin