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Green Earth Technologies' first commercial – Click above to watch the video after the jump

When we think about the amount of petroleum used in automobiles, we're usually focusing in on the amount of fossil fuels that the car's engine burns to generate power to move the vehicle. In reality, there's a lot more oil to consider, including what goes into making the plastics, fabrics and rubber that our cars are assembled with. Still more oil is used to lubricate the car's internal workings, but there may now be a viable alternative on that last bit as the biodegradable motor oil from Green

Carbon dioxide and other emissions resulting from combustion are hardly the only problems associated with the use of petroleum in engines. The moving metal parts on the inside of an engine need lubrication to prevent them from grinding to a halt. That lubrication comes by way of oil and unfortunately a lot of that oil ends up getting spilled or dumped, poisoning the ground.

It's Nanoil redux. Remember the picture of the giant bottle of Nanoil? It's back. And this time, the formerly 2-cycle-only biodegradable motor oil is ready for automobiles. At least, that's what the title of the press release from Nano Chemical Systems Holdings says. The body of the release doesn't get into any details (the word automobile isn't even mentioned anywhere except for in the title), so exactly what this new Nanoil that now works in cars is is not made clear. And Googling Nanoil just