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Biodiesel: What Is It And Why Should You Care?

In Translogic episode 6.3 we explore biodiesel, the alternative to petroleum-based diesel fuel. Yes, there are big benefits, but the question remains: Will it work for the average diesel passenger car?

Autoblog Green Podcast #19 - Chicago Auto Show 2008 wrap-up

Some people use airport layovers to sleep, read, or get a meal. Sam and Sebastian took the opportunity to record AutoblogGreen Podcast #19. While waiting for a plane to whisk them back home from the Chicago Auto Show, we recapped a few things we saw at the show. It wasn't the greenest show we've seen, but they have the biggest building, by their own admission. A few things left impressions on us, first of which was the Dan Roth

Biofuels podcast with Popular Mechanics' Jim Meigs

The current issue of Popular Mechanics is dedicated to “The Truth about Bio Fuels” (mentioned here last week) and Instapundit put up a podcast yesterday that contains an interview with the magazine’s Jim Meigs. Meigs gets into all types of biofuels with the Instapundit gang - ethanol, methanol, biodiesel, and hydro