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In Translogic episode 6.3 we explore biodiesel, the alternative to petroleum-based diesel fuel. Yes, there are big benefits, but the question remains: Will it work for the average diesel passenger car?

Some people use airport layovers to sleep, read, or get a meal. Sam and Sebastian took the opportunity to record AutoblogGreen Podcast #19. While waiting for a plane to whisk them back home from the Chicago Auto Show, we recapped a few things we saw at the show. It wasn't the greenest show we've seen, but they have the biggest building, by their own admission. A few things left impressions on us, first of which was the GMC Denali XT. The Zeta variant is the first use of GM's Two-mode hybrid syst

The current issue of Popular Mechanics is dedicated to “The Truth about Bio Fuels” (mentioned here last week) and Instapundit put up a podcast yesterday that contains an interview with the magazine’s Jim Meigs. Meigs gets into all types of biofuels with the Instapundit gang - ethanol, methanol, biodiesel, and hydrogen – as well as the politics of oil and green energy. At one point, Instapundit Glenn Reynolds laughs quietly at the mention of running a car on French fry oil