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Bicing, Barcelona's public rental service, is celebrating its first anniversary. Despite a number of shortcomings and critics, the Catalan capital has almost fully implemented the system with 286 stations and 4,000 bicycles for 130,000 registered users. The plans aren't stopping here. The city will have 400 stations and 6,000 bicycles by the end of August once the expansion plan for the non-center districts is completed. Due to Barcelona's relatively small size (99 km2), neighbor municipalities

If you thought that easy bike renting was a thing just for Europeans, change your mind. A Japanese company called Bike Off Co. started a free bicycle rental service for college students. But bicycles cost money, so where does income come from? From illegally parked or abandoned two-wheelers. Identifying the usable bikes, repairs, and maintenance costs are covered by advertising on their website.