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It's similar in design to the F-150's tailgate step.


While that's just 1 percent of total fuel consumption, it's no small number.

Roof racks waste increasing amounts of fuel through aerodynamic drag, but better design — and government policy — would help save gas.

Bikes are the most efficient thing on two wheels (sorry, Aptera), but they're not ideal for everyone's city commute. A new vertical parking/shower stall concept from Yinnon Lehrer over at Yanko Design could make biking an easier choice for a lot of people. The main reasons: you bike is protected from theft and, in one of the concept kiosks, you can freshen up if you've had a sweaty ride. Lehrer's long-term parking concept is incredibly flexible – the parking rods could be installed at t

So you've got your new electric bicycle and it's great for getting around town with a lot less effort than pure pedal power, but what happens when you want to go on a longer trip like a vacation and you want to take your bike(s) along? Adding a motor and battery to a bicycle adds weight and conventional bicycle racks for your car may not be able to support them.

A few months ago, we told you about the FlexFix integrated bicycle rack in the new Opel/Vauxhall Corsa. It's an ingenious little contraption. The FlexFix system is essentially a drawer that can be pulled out from the car's rear bumper. On it are two wheel-mount bike racks, an extra rear license plate, and supplemental brake lights. When not in use, you wouldn't even know the system was there if not for the drawer cutout. It's the kind of killer innovation that's been sorely lacking from the Amer