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Russian dashcams are an endless source of hilarious lunacy.

We've seen EVs do some cool things, including awesome burnouts, but this could top them all: an electric monster truck. Before you say there's something wrong with that, consider that this silent crusher has 850 lb-ft of torque.


One of the best parts about watching a monster truck show is hearing (and feeling) the engines roar to life, but one of the sport's most iconic trucks is proving that car-crushing fun doesn't have to involve burning even a drop of gasoline (or alcohol, as the case may be). Odyssey Battery and Bigfoot have teamed up to create what they are claiming to be the world's first electric monster truck.


It doesn't really matter what age you are, we can all agree that monster trucks are awesome. How can you argue with a 20-foot tall tube-frame harbinger of destruction, mowing down row after row derelict cars and trucks? Every "SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!," somewhere in America, a dirt-filled arena is hosting this spectacle of high-horsepower automotive carnage.

Bad Habit breaks a world record – Click above for image gallery

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2010 Bigfoot Chevrolet Silverado – Click above for high-res image gallery

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Any Monster Truck fans out there? You might have noticed a recent change in the look of the legendary Bigfoot. After undergoing a less-than-extreme makeover, the classic Bigfoot blue is back on the truck. Well, not the entire truck, but a good portion of the nose and cab. Sponsor Firestone still has its prominent shield displayed on the hood and its logo across the flanks, but the new red, white and blue scheme looks pretty good on this 30-something-year-old legend. Sure, parent company Bridgest