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There's no hiding these days from Big Brother. The nutcases in the tin-foil hats would tell you there never was, but now even automakers have to watch out. Development teams out testing prototypes on public roads used to have to watch out for professional spy photographers, but with the advent camera phones and now Google Street View, there's no hiding anywhere. That's what the boys at Garage419 discovered when they found shots of several Porsche prototypes on service while searching for a good

We've heard it before: "We're going to collect the information, but it won't go beyond..." The latest take on "Let us help you with technology" comes courtesy of GM's OnStar, which is offering you the opportunity to have your annual mileage tracked. The info will be given to their GMAC arm, which will then see if you qualify for insurance discounts. That sounds good, right?

Big Brother is slowly moving behind the wheel of our cars and we appear to be only a few short steps away from losing control of our driving all together. There are groups of respected motorists who have advocated abolishing speed limits all together, insisting that traffic speeds are self-regulating and better controlled by nature and natural selection. But there are definitely times when we would gladly give up a tiny bit of control if it meant keeping traffic congestion from getting out of ha

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