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"Big Daddy" Don Garlits is a legend in drag racing. Over the decades he's set a lot of records, and was the first to break hit 200 miles per hour in the quarter-mile (and the eighth-mile, for that matter). Now, at the tender age of 81, he's getting ready to do it again. This time, in an electric dragster.

We just showed you a few Ed "Big Daddy" Roth vehicles that were auctioned through Russo & Steele in Monterey, and so this discovery seems particularly timely. It seems someone wandering by an adult bookstore somewhere in Mexico finally realized that the dumpster out back had a unique look to it. On closer inspection it turned out to be Roth's Orbitron. Although little remains of the original car, it is still quite valuable.

Its amazing what a brush with fame will do for the most ordinary objects. Ed "Big Daddy" Roth was certainly an integral part of the hot-rodding scene, and he went from pinstriping to building full-on custom cars and back to striping as his career progressed. This little Honda was the perfect transportation, t-shirt sales shop, workbench and advertisment for a journeyman striper with a name that preceeded him. The history of this car is fascinating, though we have trouble thinking that it's $8,00