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REPORT: Obama dropping "car czar" in favor of task force

While there have been rumors and suggested candidates floated for the so-called federal "car czar" post, it now no longer looks like that position will be filled. That's because President Barack Obama has apparently gone cold on the idea. Instead, new reports suggest that he will look to a select group of senior economic advisers for guidance.

BREAKING: Bush greenlights $17.4 billion Auto Rescue/Bailout package

President George W. Bush will doubtlessly be remembered for many things things, but his parting legacy may yet be his eleventh-hour pledge of $17.4 billion in low-interest loans to General Motors and Chrysler (Ford Motor Company has said it does not require relief at this time).

Canada may become most expensive place to build a car

Until Detroit automakers signed landmark deals with the UAW that shifted retiree health care costs to the union, it was cheaper to make vehicles in Canada. Government health care saved automakers about $6 per work hour, a savings of over $12,000 a year per worker. Since Ontario produces more vehicles than any state in the Union, that represented huge sav

ABC and Charles Gibson have been in Detroit all week and it's been hard to watch

UPDATE: Thanks to Autoblog reader Steve M., you can watch the ABC News Towh Hall Meeting, all 45 minutes of it, after the jump. Please watch, if only to see the contorted facial expressions of our esteemed colleague at Jalopnik, Ray Wert III, who nabbed a seat in the front row.

Meeting of the Minds: Big Three and Bush to talk on Tuesday

Bill Ford, Rick Wagoner and Tom LaSorda have been twiddling their thumbs since May waiting for the White House to confirm a date for the Detroit trio to meet with George Bush, the D.C. decider. Tentative times have come and gone, and as each one passed, the perception that the current administration cares little about the challenges facing domestic

New poll shows Michigan public down on domestics

Even as the domestic manufacturers lose the East and West coast, they can always count on Michiganders to buy something from the Big 3, right? A new poll by the Detroit News and WXYZ-TV7 shows that a rather surprising 51 percent think that Detroit is doing a "poor" or "only fair", and that 60 percent are "somewhat" or "very" concerned about the future prospects of the US auto industry.

Bush and automakers delay meeting

Bigwigs from DiamlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company and General Motors will have to wait for their date with the President. The expected meeting between the Big Three and President George W. Bush is now slated for June 2, moved back from the May 18 date as previously reported. The CEO deligates and the White House would have readers believe that the change in date isn't actually a 'postponement,' but rather the first time a firm date has been set. Regardless of any calendar semantics,

Toyota posts big jump in quarterly profit

Toyota's quarterly profit jumped 39 percent over year-ago figures, with the automaker earning $3.6 billion on sales of $51.6 billion in the first quarter of 2006. Those aren't exactly Exxon Mobil numbers, but they're not chump change, either. Sales were up 18 percent over the same period, and the automaker sold more cars everywhere except in its stagnating home market of Japan.

Will playing the "American card" save the domestics?

If you look at what’s hot right now, American muscle is in and Ford, the German-owned Chrysler Group and General Motors are cashing in. The Ford Mustang and Chrysler 300 not only look like they drove out of a different decade, they also have the same rear-wheel drive layout and slab-sided bodies as the cars we remember fondly.

"Big Three" in a post-Chrysler world

What’s in a name? Plenty, apparently. Many readers have taken Autoblog to task for referencing the Big Three—Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors—as the “Big 2 1/2”, “Big 2”, or “Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler: the American half of DaimlerChrysler”.