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A Spanish ambulance company in the city of Zaragoza, Ambuibérica, is trying out bifuel vehicles to transport patients. The 10 Mercedes-sourced vehicles use bifuel powertrains that can burn both natural gas and gasoline. Turns out, the drivers aren't too happy with these models: they criticize the van's short, 250-km range (about 140 miles), lack of natural gas availability in town and lower speed compared to the diesel counterparts. While the city of Zaragoza itself has some natural gas f

An AutoblogGreen reader who called himself (herself?) bifuel submitted a straightforward link to an eBay auction for biodiesel stickers. Because we haven't really written about stickers much on the site, I thought it might be a good idea to do so, just to show what's out there. Since we don't want to be easily biased in favor of whoever sends us a link to an eBay auction, here are some other sites selling biodiesel stickers and more snazzy ways to spruce up your veggie car. Enjoy.

While it seems General Motor's been stomping all over its domestic rival Ford Motor Co. on the biodiesel issue, apparently that's because Blue Oval's just been keeping its alternative fuel cards close to its...er...hood. Volvo, one of Ford's Premier Automotive Group, has developed models that can be equipped to use either the biofuel E85 or bi-fuel, which is a combination of gasoline and methane. Currently, the Volvo S40 and the V50 can run on E85. Both are sold in Sweden where the fuel is more