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Tata confirms interest in Jaguar, Land Rover

We'd picked up rumblings a while back that India's Tata Motors was interested in placing a bid with Ford for its Jaguar and Land Rover properties. Tata's even gone so far as to set its advisors loose on the potential deal to investigate how solid the investment would be. The automaker wants to strengthen itself through expansion into other markets, rather than being tied solely to the whims of the Indian economy. Jaguar and Land Rover are worldwide prestige br

Porsche proposes to Volkswagen

It's official, Porsche has submitted an offer to buy the Volkswagen group. Unless you've been living in a cave, you probably already know that the erstwhile sportscar manufacturer is more profitable than the megalithic auto consortium, with all its subsidiaries, and has been steadily increasing its stake in VW.

Chrysler workers making long shot bid to buy automaker

The Detroit News is reporting that a group of 25 Chrysler employees in Toledo have formed a group called the "Employee Buyout Committee" and are actively exploring the necessary steps required to see the fate of Chrysler end up in the hands of its employees. Their proposal would give Chrysler employees a 70% stake in the automaker, with DaimlerChrysler retaining the remaining 30%. The group appears to be making all the right moves so far, having submitted its proposal first to the UAW, whose leg

Scoop: Louis Vuitton buys Aston Martin

All the bids are in and the winning bidder has been revealed: Aston Martin is being bought by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA, the French luxury goods consortium that produces upper-crust products ranging from leather trunks and wallets to champagne and cognac...and now exotic luxury sports cars, too.

UPDATE: Russian automaker GAZ says no to Jaguar

Days after reports that Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ) owner Oleg Deripaska was interested in purchasing the brand from Ford Motor Co., a spokesperson for the maker of the Volga announced that the automaker is not interested after all. GAZ, she states, is only interested in commercial vehicles and powertra