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Gogoro and Bosch launch electric scooter-sharing service in Paris

The companies will have 600 Smartscooters available for rent in the City of Lights.

The scooters use swappable batteries to eliminate waiting for a charge.

Video: Volvo crowns Paris 'naughtiest' city in Europe as part of experiments tied to bizarre S60 launch

Vovlo tests the world's naughtiness – Click above to watch video after the jump

Report: German government rejects $1.3 billion Opel aid request

General Motors is hard at work restructuring its brands here in the U.S., but we mustn't forget about overseas divisions, like Opel, that still require some financial aid to get things up and running at full capacity again. As we reported last month, GM came to an agreement with Opel's Germ

Schwinn! Biking to brothel can save you bucks in Berlin

Here at ABG we try to stay on top of all the news that concerns greener ways of conducting the comings and goings of our readers and it is in that spirit that we bring you news of an offer that encourages more bicycle use. The Maison d'Envie (truly NSFW), a brothel in Berlin, is offering a discount for patrons who arrive by bicycle or Berlin public transport. Now, instead of paying &eur

The story behind "The Automobile"

We were taken aback at the sheer size of "The Automobile" that held court along with the new Audi TT during the latter's debut in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin last month. The size of the sculpture was surprisingly subtle to us until we saw an image of it with a man barely able to see over the tops of its tires.