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British buff mag CAR has posted the first photo of the Geneva-bound Bentley Havana coupe. This fixed-roof version of the Azure convertible will have big power coming from the twin-turbo V8 under its substantial hood. Figure 450 ponies and an asphalt-damaging 675 ft-lbs of torque and you've got the idea. As for the rest, what do you expect? Its a Bentley, so figure on an interior that's nicer than some homes with a sticker price to match.

Bentley is preparing a new coupe concept pased on the Arnage platform that it'll officially unveil at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The Bentley Havana, as it will be called, will offer a glimpse at what a potential production coupe might look like. With Rolls-Royce nearing the release of its new convertible inspired by the 100EX and their telegraphing an as-yet-unannounced coupe with the 101EX concept, it makes sense that Bentley would ready a top-tier coupe of its own.