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Bentley CEO says to take it easy, not get emotional about CO2 debate

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No Bentley diesels coming ... for now

While the seemingly bottomless pit of torque available from a big turbodiesel engine would seem to be more in character for a Bentley than a hybrid system, it looks like the latter might be the first option for the VW-owned British brand. The relative lack of diesel interest in Bentley's biggest market, the U.S., might be too blame. According to AutoTelegraaf, Bentley is reluctant to spend the money to develop a new diesel engine right now. However, given that most Bentley's are powered by a tur

How about a Bentley Continental GT CleanTDI?

During the past two Detroit Auto Shows, Audi has shown concept versions of the Q7 SUV and the R8 sports car powered by a new 6.0L diesel V-12. While the Germans have equivocated on whether the V-12 Q7 would ever get built, they stated clearly that they had no production plans for the R8 TDI. Perhaps a better home could be found within the VW Group at the Bentley brand. With upcoming European CO2 limits, Bentley will have to do something to reduce fuel consumption. The V-12 used in th

Bentley's hybrid talk is back (see Audi's new hybrid quattro)

Back in September, Franz-Josef Paefgen, the head of the VW luxury brand Bentley, mentioned, in a very uncommitted fashion, that the company's earlier announcement regarding diesels and hybrids was still being considered. Audi's new hybrid quattro transmission, on displa

Yoko Ono's green ride might be coming: get ready for the eco-Bentley

Remember how Yoko Ono asked the other day, "can someone make hybrid cars as comfortable as a Bentley, please?" This bit of news might perk her ears up.