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The city of Beijing has been generating the kinds of headlines that cities usually want no part of. Ahead of the Olympic games, many athletes have been publicly deriding the city's air quality, and rightly so. According to the World Health Organization, the current air pollution in Beijing is at least two to three times higher than levels deemed safe. City officials have been doing what they can with the limited resources and time that is available to them, but Detroit News writer John McCormick

Chery Motors first came to the worlds attention a few years ago when one of the first products, the QQ mini-car turned out to have a rather startling resemblance to the Daewoo Matiz which was being sold in China as the Chevy Spark. It turned out on closer examination that the components on the QQ and Spark were actually interchangeable. This sparked (forgive the bad pun) the ire of General Motors which attempted to sue Chery both for stealing the design of the car and too closely copying the Che