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Beijing '08 Preview: Great Wall Peri EV

It would seem that a green theme will be present when Auto China 2008 kicks off in Beijing on Saturday. We've already seen BYD's e6 concept, and next up is an electric version of the Great Wall Peri. The Peri is the car that raised the ire of Fiat due to its strong resemblance to the Panda. Copycatting arguments aside

Nissan Intima Teana brochure leaked out

Click above for a gallery of the Nissan Teana brochure.

Beijing Auto Show: DongFeng D120

Chinese carmaker DongFeng introduced its D120 sports car at the Beijing show Saturday. The two-door apparently was created by mating a Solstice with a streeted-up Tiburon and has a 137-hp, 2.4-liter engine. The rear wing's height is adjustable, apparently by way of an old-fashioned bellows-type device, or else the D120 has a built in accordian underneath its rear hatch. That's the most we can say with much confidence. The Chris Tutor

Beijing Auto Show: Changan Xingqing concept

Resembling a neon-green, modernized Honda CRX, this is the ChangAn Xingqing concept car expected to be unveiled this weekend at the Beijing Auto Show.

Toyota launches baby Camry in Beijing with new Corolla

Toyota, in its seemingly never ending quest for world domination, targets the mostly untapped Chinese market with a redesigned Chinese-market Corolla.

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