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It's an unfortunate fact of life that cars typically do not age like a fine wine, and it's all too easy to let an array of minor issues pile up. But there's a certain point at which a normal vehicle crosses over into the realm of the beater and never looks back.

Reader/Flickr member blodi admits up front that he no longer owns the car above. We're gonna let that slide, because seriously, it doesn't get much better than this. He bought the Prelude from a buddy for $50.00. That's right -- fifty bucks. The flat black paint was already in place when he took possession, but despite the looks, everything else ran fine.

As the winter weather starts pummeling the Midwest, East and even the Pacific Northwest, it seems an appropriate time to take a look at winter weather vehicles. We're not talking about beaters or hoopties that you pick up for $500, throw some kitty litter in the trunk and then feel OK about piloting around town with no worries. What we mean here are new vehicles that can handle the adverse conditions with aplomb, and still have good enough road manners come Spring that you won't have delayed buy