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Olympic fuel cell buses – Click above to watch video after the jump

Over two years ago, we first learned the British Columbia Transit was planning to acquire 20 fuel cell-powered buses for use in the Whistler area ahead of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The first of those buses was recently delivered to the transit company with the rest arriving over the coming weeks and months. The 20 bus-fleet will be the single largest deployment of hydrogen-fueled buses in the world. The buses are built on chassis supplied by ISE Corporation and use fuel cell stacks supplied by B

It's interesting how important sound is to the driving experience. As least, to some automotive journalists it is. I felt the need to mention the quietness of the Tesla Roadster last month. And in this article on BC Transit's hydrogen Ford Focus test vehicle, the writer spends the first few paragraphs discussing the vehicles' space-age whirs and then the "uncanny silence is all that remains for the drive ahead".