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If you live in the Bay Area and like to conserve resources (like, say, money and oil), perhaps ride sharing should be added to your list of transportation options. A free service called 511 Rideshare can help passengers and drivers find each other for daily commutes. The website can also help you find vanpool information, which is like carpooling on on steroids. Actually, considering the negative association steroids have these days, I'll say it's more like carpooling on a healthy vegan diet: s

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission in the San Francisco Bay area is proposing a 10-cent-a-gallon regional gas tax. The tax would be applied in addition to existing state and federal gas taxes and state sales tax. The reason given for adding the tax would be to encourage drivers to go to more fuel efficient vehicles. In order to get the tax, two thirds of the voters in the nine counties in the Bay area would have to approve. The problem is that gas prices typically fluctuate by more than