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Vectrix LLC, a self-proclaimed world leader in personal electric vehicles, has kicked off the New Year with a bang by introducing its urban commuter; the VX-2 battery-powered scooter. The VX-2 is a slimmed down version of the company's VX-1 and is designed for low-speed travel. Whether that includes around town trips or traversing a college campus, troubled Vectrix insists that the VX-2 is the "perfect machine" for the task.

Current Motor Company, a Michigan-based electric scooter startup, recently added automotive guru Bob Lutz (so much for retiring) to its leadership team. Lutz, who previously served as General Motors' vice chairman of product development, has been appointed to chair Current Motor's Advisory Council. In addition, Lutz was one of the first to invest in Current Motor's ongoing "Series A" round of financing.

Current Motor Company (CMC), a Michigan-based startup, spent the past 18 months developing and testing its so-called "revolutionary electric scooters" and is finally ready to unleash its lineup to the public. "With a whirr and a whoosh," CMC's trio of highway-capable scooters will roll off the assembly line and down the road. Yep, CMC is geeked to finally move in production and claims that its "best-in-class scooters" will forever change the industry.