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Early reports are filtering in this morning of an explosion at a General Motors Technical Center battery research lab in Warren, Michigan. According to The Detroit News, a battery exploded injuring one or two people.

Solid-state batteries have the potential to offer more power output and higher energy storage density than a typical lithium-ion battery. In addition, the reactive liquid electrolyte found in conventional li-ion batteries is thought to lead to cell instability and effect the life span of the battery. Solid-state technology could provide automakers with a battery that not only packs significantly more punch, but also has longevity unmatched by today's liquid electrolyte-based li-ion batteries. Un

The US Department of Energy has committed to contributing $14 million dollars to a $28 million project being run by the US Advanced Battery Consortium. The USABC is part of the United States Council for Automotive Research (USCAR) which is an umbrella organization for US based carmakers to do joint research into advanced technologies. The battery project is part of an effort develop commercially viable batteries for plug-in hybrid vehicles that would allow for forty miles of electric driving ran