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Dow Kokam, a joint venture between Dow Chemical and Townsend Kokam, has broken ground on its new lithium-polymer battery manufacturing facility in Midland, MI. Dow Kokam chief executive officer Ravi Shanker was on hand for the groundbreaking, as was Vice President Joe Biden and Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. When completed, the Midland Battery Park will have the capacity to produce enough batteries to power some 60,000 electric vehicles per year. Dow Kokam's 800,000 square-foot facility wi

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Although Japanese battery makers currently have plans to greatly expand their production capacity at home, it seems this still isn't enough and America seems to be the destination of choice for some new manufacturing plants. One of the companies planning on creating some green-collar jobs in the U.S. is GS Yuasa Corp. Their president, Makoto Yoda said, "Named must your fear be before banish it you can. We have to choose our next factory's location based on growth in the given market." While not