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Volkswagen powering up for EV onslaught with preview of 360-kWh mobile quick chargers

The standalone battery packs can service up to 15 vehicles

The standalone battery packs can service up to 15 vehicles.

RIP: Nissan Leaf with a 24-kWh battery pack

There may still be some of the older models floating around, though.

New minimum price: $32,450.

100-kWh Tesla battery pack approved by European authority

New battery could push range to 380 miles for Model S.

The 'P100D' really does exist.

GM will likely build PHEV batteries in China soon

More details about the Cadillac CT6 PHEV come out at battery plant tour.

If you want to know about how GM will build plug-in cars in China, pay a visit to Michigan.

VW's next big EV plan? Flat batteries

Volkswagen is developing an architecture for future electric vehicles that will use flat batteries. Up to now VW has shaped packs to fit inside existing cars.

GM says li-ion battery cost per kWh already down to $145

EV Battery Costs May Approach Tesla's Levels By 2020

GM says li-ion battery-pack costs could fall to $100/kWh by the end of the decade.

Nissan dealer: 2016 Leaf will have 110-mile battery option

Yes, This Rumor Again, But This Time It's Sort Of Official

A Nissan dealer in Indiana says that the 2016 Leaf will have a trim level for a 110-mile range battery pack.

Affordable li-ion batteries could be here without big chemistry advances

A paper by a couple of Swedish researchers figures that the price-per-kWh for lithium-ion battery packs is now $410, down from more than $1,000 in 2007. Economies-of-scale, not chemistry advances, will do the most to get that down to $230 by 2018.

Toyota still wants Tesla's battery help, still evaluating RAV4 EV program

Tesla Motors said earlier this month that the agreement it has with Toyota to supply battery packs for the Toyota RAV4 EV SUV would be finished by the end of the year. The deal is done, but Toyota is now singing its best version of Danny King

Vocis' second-gen multi-speed transmission promises lower-cost EVs

UK-based transmission engineering and control specialist Vocis wants to take electric vehicles in another direction, one with dual clutch transmissions. Vocis says its dual clutch transmissions provide seamless shifting and up to 15 percent improvement in EV efficiency. Vocis' DCT is currently on display in a Mercedes-Benz Vito minibus demonstration vehicle.

Smart Fortwo ED will have battery rental option in US, price not yet disclosed

Next month, Smart USA will launch the first US market electric vehicle with a separate rental program for the battery pack. Those buying or leasing the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive will have the option of renting the lithium ion battery for a monthly fee.

With blankets in cold weather, Nissan Leaf taxi experiment not working in Osaka

There are quite a few taxi operators testing out electric cars by adding Nissan Leaf EVs to their fleets – whether that be New York (pictured), Hong Kong or Jon LeSage

Replacing batteries in standard hybrids not all that expensive

If you've got an older car in your driveway, which experts say is getting to be more typical lately, what happens when the battery poops out? You'll be paying $100 to $200 to pick one up at a retail parts store. But what about hybrid electric vehicles?

R&D funding for better EVs more valuable than purchase incentives

Thomas Edison famously said that genius was one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. To get to the heart of what's holding back broader adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), though, it's even better to paraphrase one-time Bill Clinton advisor James Carville: "It's the battery, stupid."

Neal Saiki claims battery breakthrough gives more range, costs less

Engineering challenges are like a siren's call to Neal Saiki. Since leaving Zero Motorcycles in early 2011, the company he co-founded with his wife Lisa, he's spent lots of time and effort wrestling

Lithium-ion battery costs will still be about $400/kWh by 2020

Count Lux Research among the pessimists when it comes to the costs of lithium-ion battery packs.

Video: Coda battery chief details electric Sedan's lithium-ion pack

Coda Sedan battery pack – Click above to watch video after the jump

GM's patent application could give new life to aging battery packs

GM-Volt.com found an interesting patent application from General Motors (filed a year ago) that entertains the possibility of refurbishing worn out lithium-ion battery packs such as the one in the Chevrolet Volt. While the Volt's Jonas Dalidd

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