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Texas A&M smash trucks for science and safety

Researchers at Texas A&M Transportation Institute are building a better barrier by crashing a lot of big trucks.


Whatever you may have to say about US foreign policy, the bottom line is that there are American embassies and consulates in places around the world that aren't necessarily friendly towards America. That's how we end up with State Department facilities in far-flung locations getting attacked. Some of those attacks can be thwarted through good intelligence, effective security and maybe an eagle-eyed sniper or two on the roof, but it takes something a bit more concrete to stop a speeding truck pac

No injuries reported

A driver in South Korea learned the hard way that height restrictions aren't open to interpretation.


It's common knowledge that buses fight dirty. Enter into fisticuffs with public transportation and you're likely to find yourself on the raw end of a well-aimed 2x4 plank. Just ask the pedestrian in the video after the jump. We're short on context with this one, but from the looks of things, the bus attempts to come to a stop for a traffic checkpoint or tollbooth, only to slide on black ice and bowl straight through the traffic control arm.

What happens when an unstoppable force encounters an immovable object? – Click above to see the video after the jump