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The Ibiza is Seat's most popular model, and though it may be due for replacement by now, it's getting another update instead, which was revealed at the Barcelona Motor Show.

With every major city and its suburbs hosting their own auto shows, we can't be everywhere. Most major news occurs at the major auto shows, but this year, our absence will be missed at one less auto show than last year, because organizers have announced the cancellation the Barcelona Motor Show.

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Compressed Natural Gas, CNG, is currently widely used in some cities (such as Paris or Barcelona) to power public buses. Natural gas burns very clean and, although it still pollutes with CO2, it avoids the most of the rest of nasty by-products that come out of the tailpipe.

We have spoken here already about the more than possible first Peugeot hybrid car, and it seems that it's a very plausible possibility, at least for Europeans, to enjoy that powertrain in the upcoming 308.